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VoiceScript, Inc. and Transcribe Anywhere Partner to Support the Rapidly Evolving Transcription Market

COCOA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2023/ — VoiceScript, Inc., the leader in AI automation solutions for court reporting and legal transcription, and Transcribe Anywhere, the largest and most prolific online legal and general transcription school in the US, are pleased to announce a partnership designed to prepare current and future transcription professionals to leverage emerging AI technology and automation tools for use in the legal and general transcription markets.

“We are excited to be partnering with VoiceScript,” said Janet Shaughnessy, Founder of Transcribe Anywhere. “AI is changing everything, and the transcription industry is no exception. Transcribe Anywhere is helping our community to stay relevant and competitive by adding VoiceScript’s AutoScript AI and automated editing tools and training material to our legal and general transcription curriculum. We are also launching the Digital Scoping course, a free AI-based training program for our alumni community.

“VoiceScript is thrilled to partner with Transcribe Anywhere to introduce and train students and alumni on the next generation of transcription and editing tools,” said Rene Arvin, CEO of VoiceScript. “With only a few hours of training and practice, professional transcriptionists can become two-to-four times more productive when compared to traditional transcription methodologies.”

Transcribe Anywhere Alumni who are currently now, or are planning to become, certified by the AAERT (American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers), will receive 3.5 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) upon successfully completing the Digital Scoping course. This course is offered jointly by Transcribe Anywhere and the Court Reporting Academy, a subsidiary of VoiceScript.

The Digital Scoping course was developed in coordination with The Court Reporting Academy. It is available as a free 24/7 online self-learning course and covers a wide range of topics and professional skills development practice sessions, including: legal transcription best practices, automated AI generated Speech-to-Text (STT) technology, STT editing and transcript production tools, template and custom format creation, editing hotkeys and much more. The course includes the use of AutoScript by VoiceScript, Inc., the most advanced yet easy-to-use automated transcript production platform for independent professionals and court reporting firms.


VoiceScript, Inc., is a legal technology leader providing innovative AI-enabled court reporter solutions as well as automation tools for legal and general transcription and editing. AutoScript, the company’s next generation AI software solutions are being adopted by a fast-growing community of large, mid-market and smaller court reporting agencies as well as independent reporters, transcribers, editors, and proofers. VoiceScript solutions empower independent practitioners to deliver better transcripts, two-to-four times faster than traditional methods. The Court Reporting Academy, a VoiceScript subsidiary, combines traditional knowledge and skills development practices with emerging technologies and techniques to prepare aspiring professionals for careers in the court reporting industry.


Transcribe Anywhere is pleased to partner with VoiceScript and its subsidiary, The Court Reporting Academy, to provide the prerequisite skills needed to succeed in the evolving legal and general transcription industry. The training focuses on equipment and how to use it, all of the various forms and formats used in the industry, comprehensive instruction in English grammar and punctuation, tons of real-world practice files, proofreading skills, one-on-one support, and all of the tools and resources needed to find work as professional transcribers. AAERT waives the two-year work experience requirement for Transcribe Anywhere graduates wishing to sit for the CET certification exam and offers 2.1 CEUs to those successfully completing the program.