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Reporter Studio PRO is our multi-channel recording system, reporter annotation and editing platform that gives qualified digital reporters abilities not available through any other digital reporter software.


12 separate audio recording channels

Video Conferencing

Optimized functionality for remote video conferencing


Automatic speech recognition for deliverable rough drafts


Video recording capabilities


Reporter annotation features with simple to use UI


Customizable hotkey functionality

Reporter Studio PRO is available as a monthly subscription

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Through Reporter Studio PRO’s features, reporters receive automated transcripts in real-time, and the reporter then makes corrections and edits in real-time. Our advanced functionality now solves the three primary disparities between digital and stenographic reporting. Qualified Reporter Studio PRO digital reporters can now deliver:

Same Day Rough Draft

Rough Draft Transcripts Immediately After a Proceeding

VoiceScript is the only digital reporter software supplier in the market that can deliver a digital reporter-edited high accuracy rough draft shortly after a proceeding. The rough draft will usually be available within 1 to 2 hours of a proceeding.

Realtime Transcripts

Realtime Streaming Transcripts

Realtime transcripts will be available to any client with an internet connection (whether remote or in-person) during a proceeding. The Reporter Studio PRO reporter edited and formatted transcript will typically stream to clients with a 1 to 2-minute delay and is directly comparable to a realtime stenographic reporter service.

Multi-Media Transcript Player

Readbacks as Well as Playback Options During a Proceeding

All transcript types (ASR only, Edited Rough, Final) will be available for delivery with the optional VoiceScript multi-media transcript player. Transcripts are fully synchronized with audio and video recordings. The Player allows attorneys to search, bookmark or highlight text, make notes, create multi-media clippings, and easily share everything with colleagues.

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2-25 licenses

$75/month + tax
Monthly subscription
Unlimited usage
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Single billing for multiple users

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26+ licenses

Custom Pricing
Monthly invoicing
Unlimited usage
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Multiple users
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System integration
User management

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Yes. Reporter Studio PRO will interface with most audio interface devices that use ASIO drivers to deliver true multi-channel recordings where each microphone is its own recording channel. Reporter Studio PRO can also interface with WASAPI drivers allowing it to record the reporter’s microphone as a channel while interfacing with video conferencing platforms to provide a “direct record” to online participants.

Yes. Reporter Studio PRO allows the user to take live notes where a timestamp linked to the audio is created on the first keystroke. Reporter Studio PRO also provides the user the ability to add and edit notes to previously recorded audio from a recording session.

A free-for-download transcription player is available that provides integration with USB foot pedals along with all the tools a transcriptionist requires to play the audio, isolate channels and view the timestamped annotations created by the reporter.


Reporter Studio Pro is available as a monthly subscription at $75 + taxes. No upfront cost is required to get started. Simply signup as a registered user and as long as you use the recording platform you will only be required to pay a modest monthly subscription.

Of course. When you create a user account to subscribe to Reporter Studio PRO, there is an option to begin with a no-cost trial version. Test it out. Make sure it’s everything we say it is. If you are satisfied, you can continue with the monthly subscription.

Our users are never required to purchase an additional support contract, nor will they be hit with costly upgrade fees. Your monthly subscription is inclusive with support and product upgrades.

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