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Reporter Studio PRO

Can Reporter Studio PRO record both in-person, multi-channel recordings as well as remote proceedings?

Yes. Reporter Studio PRO will interface with most audio interface devices that use ASIO drivers to deliver true multi-channel recordings where each microphone is its own recording channel. Reporter Studio PRO can also interface with WASAPI drivers allowing it to record the reporter’s microphone as a channel while interfacing with video conferencing platforms to provide a “direct record” to online participants.

Does Reporter Studio PRO have integrated notetaking abilities?

Yes. Reporter Studio PRO allows the user to take live notes where a timestamp linked to the audio is created on the first keystroke. RS Pro also provides the user the ability to add and edit notes to previously recorded audio from a recording session.

What do I use to transcribe the recording sessions created in Reporter Studio PRO?

A free-for-download transcription player is available that provides integration with USB foot pedals along with all the tools a transcriptionist requires to play the audio, isolate channels and view the timestamped annotations created by the reporter.

How do I purchase Reporter Studio PRO?

Reporter Studio PRO is available as a monthly subscription at $75 per month plus taxes. No upfront cost is required to get started. Simply signup as a registered user and as long as you use the recording platform you will only be required to pay a modest monthly subscription.

Is there a trial version of Reporter Studio PRO available?

Of course. When you create a user account to subscribe to Reporter Studio PRO, there is an option to begin with a no-cost trial version. Test it out. Make sure it’s everything we say it is. If you are satisfied, you can continue with the monthly subscription

How do I purchase a support contract?

Our users are never required to purchase an additional support contract, nor will they be hit with costly upgrade fees. Your monthly subscription is inclusive with support and product upgrades.


Can AutoScript transcript from multi-channel recordings?

Yes. AutoScript can transcribe from Zoom multi-channel recordings, Reporter Studio Pro Multi-channel recordings and from The Recording multi-channel recordings. Just upload the files and let AutoScript do the rest. In addition, AutoScript can transcribe MP3 and WAV files.

What file formats will the AutoScript transcript be produced in?

Once AutoScript has completed the transcription of your audio you will receive 5 different versions of the transcript ready for download. You will receive a DOCX that is an easy-to-read format and could potentially be used as a rough draft and four TXT formats. The TXT file formats differ in where the speaker designation begins: 0 tabs in from the left margin, 1 tab in, 2 tabs in and 3 tabs in.

Now that I have the AutoScript transcript from my audio, what do I do with it?

If you are just looking for a dirty rough draft, then you can use the DOCX file as is, edit it as desired for use. If you are creating your transcripts in MS Word using a transcript template, simply select all of the text in one of the TXT files, copy it, and past it into your Word Template using the text only paste option. By selecting this option, the text will take on the format settings in your Word Template. You can now begin editing your final transcript.

How much does AutoScript cost to use?

At this time AutoScript costs $15 per audio hour to use. When you upload your audio files, AutoScript will run a calculation on how long the audio is and provide you with the cost, upfront. You decide if you want to move forward with the transcribing or not.

Is there a trial version of AutoScript?

To get your feet wet, VoiceScript offers each new subscriber their first three transcript files for free as a trial version.

Do I have to subscribe to some monthly or annual plan committing to hourly usage?

Absolutely not. AutoScript is a pay as you go platform. Only use it when you want and only pay for what you use.