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The Advantages of Partnering with a Single Independent Technology Vendor

Court reporting professionals have a variety of software solutions available to support capturing and transcribing, but many of these options come with long-term, high-cost contracts and have compatibility issues with other industry programs. VoiceScript is the only independent vendor who has a solution for all professionals in the industry, and our products not only work well together but also support the most popular programs on the market. 

By selecting a single vendor for your court reporting and transcription tools, you will save time and money by improving efficiency and productivity. Consider these reasons why partnering with VoiceScript is the best business decision you will make this year: 

Integrated Products Create a Seamless Workflow

VoiceScript’s recording solution, Reporter Studio PRO, and transcription production toolkit, AutoScript, were built by professionals with deep experience in the industry. Our product developers took an in-depth look into the user base, without blinders on, to ensure we created an inclusive tool that works for a diverse group of clients. 

This versatility allows you to combine all the tools your team uses into one product while the full integration supports cross-team work, enabling reporters, scopists and assignment managers to quickly move through the daily workflow. Additionally, when these fully integrated products are able to talk to each other, you minimize incompatibility issues since the software is designed to work together.

Cost Savings Combined with Easier Account Management

Managing multiple vendor accounts can become a logistical nightmare when it comes to contract negotiations, payments and employee training. All of these steps cost time, which increases your overhead costs. Managing one vendor relationship not only streamlines the process with one invoice and bundled enterprise pricing, but it also means you only have one relationship to develop and manage. 

At VoiceScript, you are treated more like a friend than a number. Our product specialists not only know your name, but they actively seek client input and feedback to create custom solutions that meet your unique needs. They are also just one phone call or email away to offer support, answer your questions or quickly connect you with IT experts to troubleshoot problems. 

Bridges Court Reporting has experienced this level of service firsthand from the VoiceScript team. “They listen to their customers and adapt their product to their customers’ needs, not just for future use, but they will work on it immediately whenever possible,” notes the owner of the Chicago-based firm. “We had audio files that were not in the right format, and within just a few days, they fixed their system so that it could pull our specific audios through.”

Simplify Onboarding with Efficient Training

When software solutions have a familiar form and flow throughout the products, it is much easier for employees to pick up the software. Since the learning curve is drastically reduced, you don’t have to invest weeks teaching your team how to use the different systems. You can also quickly add new team members and assign them the right permissions for their roles. With VoiceScript’s products, reporters and scopists now have the capability to conveniently pass on assignments and work together within the same system. 

Additionally, to support our agency clients and strengthen the overall industry, VoiceScript has partnered with The Court Reporting Academy to provide a finely tuned training program that prepares employees on the latest and greatest technology. This alliance helps you with scalability when you are ready to expand your business operations. 

Reduce Problems with Unified Technical Support

By developing an end-to-end product that caters to every step of the court reporting process, from capturing testimony to producing a final transcript, our IT team has a full understanding of how all the parts and pieces work together. The software solutions are building blocks off each other, which means that no hacks are needed to try to make things work. This strengthens the security of communication and storage. 

You also have exceptional customer support that can be found in one place. There is no need to hire technicians, change equipment or install new software. Best of all, VoiceScript’s software solutions come with completely free IT support, regular maintenance and continual improvement updates. 

VoiceScript is Your Best Single-Vendor Solution

VoiceScript offers first-class solutions for capturing testimony, transcribing audio to text, producing rough draft and final transcripts as well as training reporters in the industry’s best practices. With our complete end-to-end solutions, we are able to provide agencies and freelancers with all the above benefits. 

“VoiceScript’s vision from the beginning was to make the power of speech-to-text accessible to the entire court reporting industry, not just a select few or those who subscribe to our reporting platform,” says Chief Product Officer Lisa Dees. “VoiceScript’s passion is being forward-thinking with technology and how it fits into the court reporting industry. It is our duty and responsibility to bring that technology to the industry in a way that makes sense to how the industry needs to integrate it into its workflow without disruption. VoiceScript is the tool that is going to be the paradigm shift for the court reporting of the future.” 

Connect with one of our product specialists today to explore how our solutions can meet your needs.