VoiceScript is the industry leader in innovative Software as a Service
solutions for court reporting service providers

Advanced Digital Reporting Technology

Our revolutionary AI-powered digital court reporting software platform integrates state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, automated transcript production, realtime transcripts, and advanced digital reporter editing functionality.

Innovative Legal Speech Recognition Platform

The industry’s first consumer facing Speech Recognition platform fine-tuned for legal proceedings including depositions, hearings and EUOs with a range of US accents.

Outsourced Services for Agencies

We deliver numerous support services to court reporting agencies, nationwide. We specialize in scheduling highly trained digital court reporters, remote and exhibit technicians as well as producing fast, high accuracy and low-cost legal transcripts.

Why Digital Court Reporting

VoiceScript Levels the Court Reporter Playing Field

Modern Court Reporting Agencies can now offer their clients a credible alternative to stenographic-based reporting. VoiceScript allows highly skilled digital court reporters to deliver comparable products and services when compared to stenographic reporters. While both types of reporters meet the high standards required for professional court reporting, digital court reporting represents significant advantages to reporting agencies and their clients.


Broader availability of reporters


Significantly lower reporter fees


Reduced transcript production costs


Significantly faster production times

What Our Clients Say About Us


Custom speech recognition & realtime streaming


1st AI-powered digital court reporter software


Contractor & people management


Transcript production automation

What Makes Voicescript Different?

We Create Industry Leading Technology Solutions

VoiceScript is a legal technology company with service as its core value. We own and continue to develop some of the industry’s most advanced legal support technologies, offering the industry a broad set of solutions that directly improve the value of digital court reporting products and outsourced services to large and small reporting agencies alike.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

VoiceScript technologies, products, and services are quickly becoming the Gold Standard for digital court reporting. If you are a court reporting agency that is considering using digital court reporters, or are already providing digital court reporting services, let VoiceScript show you how to build and support a scalable and profitable digital practice.

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