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Digital Court Reporters

Each digital court reporter in the VoiceScript network has met our stringent professional standards and has been fully vetted by our experienced court reporter management team. Many digital court reporters in VoiceScript’s reporter network are experienced practitioners with VoiceScript’s Reporter Studio Pro Software, guaranteeing the best possible capture methodology and delivering agencies and their clients several innovative products.

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Nationwide Remote &
In-Person Coverage

The VoiceScript service provider ecosystem includes a fast-growing nationwide network of independent professional digital reporters and notaries. Most reporters are available for either remote or in-person appearances. Our network of in-state notaries allows VoiceScript partner agencies to provide remote reporting services in any city and state in the country.

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Last-Minute Scheduling Specialists

VoiceScript specializes in filling urgent and last-minute court reporter appearance requests. Whether a reporter is required for the following day or within the next couple of hours, VoiceScript will usually be able to find and coordinate a qualified reporter for the job, often confirming all the details within 30 minutes or less.

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Legal Transcript Products & Services

VoiceScript delivers the highest accuracy legal transcripts, extremely fast and at the industry’s lowest-cost points. In most cases, our transcript rates are well below the in-house production costs for agencies that manage their own transcription teams and subcontractors. VoiceScript provides the following outsourced legal transcript production services:

  • Production-Ready Final Transcripts – ASCII transcripts ready for agency final production and proofing: 5 Day standard delivery
  • Speech Recognition Only Rough Draft – Average +90% accuracy with dependencies on recording method and speaker accents
  • Professionally Transcribed Rough Draft – Average accuracy +98%: 24-Hour standard delivery
  • Client-Ready Final Transcript – Includes final proofing and agency branding (ready for client delivery): 6 Day standard delivery
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Remote Videoconference & Exhibit Management Technicians

For larger, complex cases with multiple remote participants, it is advisable to have an experienced videoconference technician on hand to support all aspects of a remote proceeding. Also, proceedings with large amounts of exhibits are often more productive for the attorney with an experienced exhibit management technician on hand. VoiceScript’s professional Remote Videoconferencing Concierge and Exhibit Management Technicians are available to agency partners at affordable rates.

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Other Transcription Services

VoiceScript provides a broad range of professional transcription services and can accommodate custom requirements at any volume.

  • eDiscovery audio / video transcription
  • Law Enforcement / 911 / bodycams
  • Criminal Justice agencies/prison
  • Insurance & Compliance
  • Meetings & videoconferences
  • Consulting & Knowledge Networks
  • Market Research
  • Recruitment Interviews