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Recruiting Independent Digital Court Reporters

Calling all Digital Reporters

If you enjoy being a digital court reporter, being your own boss, and earning above industry average income, we invite you to join the VoiceScript Digital Court Reporter Network! We provide qualified reporters with assignments that match your skills and experience at competitive industry rates. Our digital court reporter products and services are modernizing the court reporting industry, and we want you to be part of the excitement!

VoiceScript is rapidly growing its network of independent digital court reporters to meet rapidly increasing customer demand. VoiceScript is currently seeking qualified reporters to join our nationwide network of professional digital court reporters. The VoiceScript Affiliate Reporter Program is an exciting opportunity for experienced digital reporters to secure more assignments and generate greater earnings per appearance.

Independent digital court reporters are an essential part of our value chain. Digital reporters ensure that verbatim proceedings are accurately captured and promptly delivered to VoiceScript for transcript production. VoiceScript’s philosophy is that the meticulous attention-to-detail a digital court reporter puts into each assignment deserves to be compensated, which is why we offer financial compensation in the form of a reporter bonus for each transcript sold.

VoiceScript partners with leading court reporting agencies and legal services companies by:

  • Quickly confirming and coordinating best-in-class remote and in-person court reporter assignments
  • Specializing in last-minute (same/next day) appearance requests
    Supporting agency growth by facilitating and enhancing their digital reporting practices
  • Helping agencies achieve a competitive and profitable advantage through innovative products, fastest delivery, and competitive pricing
  • VoiceScript is fast becoming the Gold Standard for digital court reporting products and services. Apply today and find out how, together, we can help you expand your professional capabilities and increase your personal income potential!

Recruiting Remote Notary Publics

Calling all Remote Notaries

With the pandemic as the primary catalyst, remote legal proceedings are more prevalent than ever across the country. Market research suggests many attorneys will continue to conduct remote proceedings in many cases. Many states have instituted statutes or executive or supreme court orders authorizing remote oaths to adapt to the remote proceedings demand.

An in-state reporter may swear in a witness in most states, while an out-of-state reporter provides the reporting function. If you are a Notary looking for occasional assignments, please feel free to apply to join our network.

The role of the notary is straightforward:

  • The Notary joins a Zoom or other video conferencing-based remote deposition or other legal proceedings and is responsible for administering a predefined remote oath to swear in a witness
  • Some assignments may be required that the oath be conducted in person, in which case the location will be confirmed in advance
  • Once the oath has been administered and the official proceeding has begun with the reporter, the notary is free to leave the remote session or facility.

Remote notary assignments, on average, do not take more than 30 minutes, while the in-person appearances are variable based on location. Notary fees are set based on the type of assignment and time required for each.